Daily Tip: How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your WordPress Site

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Ever wake up a three in the morning in a cold sweat, wondering if your WordPress site has any broken links? Okay, so maybe that’s just me…but seriously, broken outgoing links are bad for your SEO and they’re pretty embarrassing.

You don’t want your readers clicking a link on one of your blogs and seeing this:

“Oops, that page could not be found!”

Well good news, with the FREE WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin, you can monitor your WordPress site for broken links and get instant reports (by email) whenever a link on your site is broken. The email report contains a link back to your broken link editor where you can update every link that’s been put in the “out of order” file.

Check it out:

The plugin allows you to set your broken link updates to come instantly, or once a day or even once a week if you want. Check out WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin for yourself, maybe you’ll sleep better at night too.


Seth C



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