73 – How to Build a Business Pitch You’ll Be Excited About

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How to Build a Business Pitch You’ll Be Excited About

Episode Recap

In this episode of the podcast, Claire Krawsczyn and I have an interesting and fun discussion around the idea of your business pitch and how to build a business pitch you’ll be excited about.

How to Build a Business Pitch You’ll Be Excited About

Know Your Story

Every business has a story. Do you know yours? Your business story should certainly talk about what you do…but it should also say WHY you do it. How do you help people? How do you save them time? How do you provide value?

Know Your Audience

I’m all about streamlining when you can. But, in the world of sharing your business’s story, it’s incredibly helpful to know your audience. If you’re at a networking event and you’re meeting people from all different types of industries, the same pitch might not work.

Be the Expert

The one thing I will say again and again – a business pitch only works if you believe in what you’re saying. If you’re excited about your business and you’re excited about how you can help someone, it’s going to be contagious. When you’re speaking with someone new about your business—be confident and remember that you’re the expert!

Claire Krawsczyn is an experienced content creation specialist and the owner of The Verano Group. The Verano Group is all about helping businesses craft and share their brand story and take their communication strategy to the next level.
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