The Brand Sketch Course

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The Brand Sketch Course

Many independent entrepreneurs I’ve talked with over the years have expressed an interest in an easier and more affordable way to build their brand and market their business. I’m happy to announce that I’ve created The Brand Sketch Course to help you do just that!

What is The Brand Sketch?

The Brand Sketch is a live, instructor-led, 6-week course to help you get noticed, engage with your customers, and build a profitable business.

What makes The Brand Sketch different?

When it comes to branding and marketing their businesses, many solo entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by all the options out there and just don’t know where to start.

The Brand Sketch course helps small businesses sketch out a detailed blueprint of their branding and marketing strategies so they can build a successful business the right way.

We’ll explain how your brand is not a set of random, isolated activities, it’s a system that works together to create a sustainable and profitable business. The Brand Sketch Course gives you that system.

More information and all the details can be found here.

During the 6-week course you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the True Meaning of a Brand
  • Determine Your Brand Beliefs
  • Define and Connect with Your Ideal Customer
  • Know Your Competition
  • Be Radically Different
  • Clearly Communicate Your Brand Message
  • Design a Unique Look for Your Brand For Non-Designers
  • Create a Powerful and Profitable Website
  • Implement the Best Marketing Strategies for Your Brand
  • Put It All Together – Creating Your Brand Sketch Blueprint

The Skinny

The first session starts on Tuesday, April 4th and runs for 6-weeks.
Classes run every from 9:00 – 11:00 am every Tuesday during the session.
All classes are held at Focus 5 Design in East Hyde Park near Coffee Emporium.

Class sizes are limited and will fill up fast. Be sure to sign up now!

Sign up for The Brand Sketch Course

See you in class!

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