Accept Payments via Direct Debit

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Automated subscription billing is at the heart of what we do since as many as 90% of all products sold through the WHMCS platform having some form of recurring revenue model. However, subscription billing has one notable caveat – failed payments.

If you’re accepting payments via credit cards, the chances are you’re losing some customers each month just because their card cannot be billed. On average, anywhere from 3-20% of your customers will have some sort of billing issue that will lead to a failed payment ranging from overeager fraud filters to insufficient funds. If you aren’t monitoring the situation and contacting your customers when they have billing issues, you could be leaving money on the table.

One way you can help reduce the amount of failed payments is with Direct Debit. And thanks to our new integration with SlimPay in WHMCS 7.2, it’s easier than ever to add Direct Debit to your…

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