Resell the Weebly Website Builder to your customers

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Offering a website builder opens up your web hosting services to more potential customers. And that can only be a good thing right?

Let’s face it, building a website isn’t easy.

When customers buy web hosting from you, they’re only just starting their journey to create a website.

Options are limited. Sure they can learn HTML, but there’s a lot to learn and that might take a while. They could install WordPress, but as anybody who has used it knows, as soon as you add a few extensions, it can soon get complicated. Or they could pay someone to build a website for them, but that often requires a big budget.

There is another option though. Use a website builder.

Website builders used to have a bad rep, and rightly so, a few years ago, the quality of website builders available and the websites you could create using them were not the best. However, in recent…

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