How-To: Use the new cPanel Backups Feature

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You can’t afford to lose your data. Whether due to system failure, human error, or any other reason, data loss can spell the end for a business. So the importance of having good backups goes without saying.

cPanel Backups is a new feature in WHMCS 7.3 that enables web hosts running WHMCS in a cPanel environment to schedule automated daily full file and database backups of your WHMCS installation.

Why cPanel? WHMCS itself runs unprivileged and is restricted by system and file level access permissions as well as, and more commonly the cause of problems, PHP memory and execution time limits. cPanel helps because of its escalated privilege allowing us to provide a much more reliable backup solution.

Upgrade to WHMCS 7.3 and follow the guide below to get started today.

How To Guide

1. Begin by logging in to your WHMCS admin area and then navigate to Setup > Other > Database Backups.

2. Select cPanel…

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